Saturday, June 24, 2017

You Mean There's More To This God Thing? Yeah!

As I have discovered, it's not just about praying to God. It's not just about believing in God. It's also more than acknowledging that you are a spark of God. Where all of us are going with God is in loving the spark of God within ourselves. Yes, loving God.

What happens when you take the quantum leap of loving God in yourself as the spark of God you are?  All heaven breaks loose. You connect with and enliven the field of infinte possibilities. You become aware of and connect with the God-force in everything and everything is at your command. Love as a force is in everything and this you connect with.

In my awareness, I discovered that God is the force of Love and as I consciously grow this force within myself, it grows all around me. I see the God-force in everything from my next door neighbor to the ant in my garden. I live in God's country, therefore, nothing is foreign to me, all are my friends.

Please understand that even with this perspective, I am still acted upon by the forces of this three Dimensional Matrix I live in. I can still fall or get a cold on rare occasions and I still must adhere to being discerning and wise so you won't find me purposely putting myself in harm's way.

My life's journey has brought me to this awareness and I do my best to live this way as honestly as I can. This is not about being a perfect human being; it is about expanding my human being into being the force of Love.

It is unlike any experience.

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