Monday, June 26, 2017

Shaman of Persona

I am what's known as a Shaman of persona. What in the world does that mean and why should you care? What it means to be a Shaman of persona is to be one who is not only healed in his own persona but also can heal and has a healing presence and effect on other personas. To be healed in one's persona is simply to be able to come back into balance and harmony in how one behaves, how one acts and realize there really is no definable persona.  My personality is never out of whack in that I may have moments where I behave badly or not like myself but I always come back to center. Always. I have no addictions. I have no obsessions. I live in peace. What this means is that I am grounded in my persona and I am able to call upon and am not afraid of the multiple personas that I am. Yes, I can bring forward many, many personas that I play and enjoy doing so. I am not Sybil where I have multiple personalities. I am just able to act out imaginative, alter ego's at the drop of a hat. These alter-ego's are an aspect of me.

What this means is that I am healthy in my own persona because I am able to see it for what it is: an identifying construct that helps me navigate the social structure of the larger culturescape. I have an identity that I use only in this 3D Matrix but in reality, I am not that identity. I am many identities and no identity. What I mean is that my identity is a construct that is vibrating on a lower frequency of reality. It is not present in the higher realities. When you meet me in the higher realities, I am in my higher ego, my higher persona and psyche. Many of my persona patterns are no longer relevant in my higher ego state like some of my insecurities, vulnerabilities and human foibles.

With this Shaman of persona ability in mind, I am not afraid to be different personas because I know there is no such thing as losing my "self." I am not depressive, self-indulgent, self-pitying and self-deprecating. I am self-aware.

All humans can reach this state but it seems that many are uncomfortable in allowing the free reign of their many personas. I have come to understand that this is not everyone's penchant. It is, in a way, a talent. For me, it's a facility that comes easy. I can be anything and anyone I want. I have released my self-importance and that means I don't spend energy defending my persona. Why would I defend a thought construct that isn't real anyway?

For me, I am relaxed in who and what I am. I am comfortable in my own skin which I can slough off at a moment's notice. That's why, in reaction to my Shaman of persona, many scratch their heads still trying to figure me out. Save your energy. There's nothing there.

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