Monday, June 19, 2017

Nothing Comes To You

Nothing in life comes to you. It is only when you attune to that which you desire to have in your life that it will appear in your life. The messenger doesn't come into your life to provide you with answers until you are already attuning yourself to the answers you desire. You go to it, it does not flow to you.

If your awareness is not attuned to a frequency of thought and feeling, you will not manifest that frequency in your reality. Whatever your thought and feeling Vibration, that is your life. Simple right? Wrong. Why? No one believes that they are responsible for their thoughts and feelings. Most people throw their thoughts and feelings away carelessly, giving no thought to the power of the vibrational level of their thoughts and feelings and their ability to consciously manifest their reality.

This is a Cosmic truth that you ignore at the peril of creating what you don't want in your life because you refuse to focus, to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.

So, how does one attune to that which IS desired? You do this by changing your thoughts and feelings about that which you desire to those thoughts that are in line with your desire, control your thoughts and feelings at all times and trust in yourself that your attunement will realize the desired outcome. Once you attune to that which you desire, let those thoughts and feelings go. Your subconscious is already working on assisting you in bringing about your desire by radiating out your vibrational frequency.

There are many people who use this Cosmic Law and are very syuccessful in bringing about what they desire, not what they don't desire.

Nothing comes to you. You go to it. When you accept that, you'll have more.

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