Friday, June 9, 2017

I Like To Travel...To Planets And Consciousnesses

Many like to travel around the Earth and so do I to some extent and at the same time, I find my predilection for traveling on the waves of thought to other planets and Consciousnesses more exciting and rewarding. I find that I do this traveling both during my waking time and also during my dream time. I am an interior traveler, navigating the terrain of the Multidimensional worlds that await my exploration.

I am not saying that this kind of travel is better than Earth travel...just different. I lean toward exploring these nether worlds and find them as curious as anything I have found on Earth but this is not for everyone. Many are not comfortable in these strange worlds whether they are a different dimension or planet.

I am not here to tell you that you should explore these worlds. I am putting this out there to let you know that there is so much more to our existence than we generally let ourselves experience and it is an awareness expanding experience to open up to planets and Consciousnesses where things are so different from here on Earth that it helps one to more fully appreciate this Earthly experience.

Traveling to these worlds may seem, upon first blush, to be arcane and esoteric and it is. It takes getting used to. It is no different from getting used to Earth...remember?

What my proposition is here is that there is so much more to our experience than the limited perception, perspective and awareness we allow ourselves here on Earth. I encourage you to explore your multidimensionality, your ability to visit other planets in thought and your ability to expand your mind into other Consciousnesses.

You do this anyway, why not do it with conscious intent instead of unconsciously? Worlds beyond this one are available to all. Why hide from them? They don't bite.

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