Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finally, The Truth About Death!

Finally, I reveal the truth about death: there is no such thing, there is only change from one form to another form. At the death of the human body, the physical vehicle is left and the light body, a more refined aspect of you, continues on in the continuum of life. Who you are after death is not the same as when you were in persona/psyche/ego. After death, you are vibrating at a higher level of reality where who you were as a human is now vibrating at a higher speed. You will still have attributes of your consciousness but not in the way you were in human form on Earth.

What is meant by this is that you will still have some aspects of your ego but they will be higher ego so your concerns after death change. You no longer have a dense, physical body but you still have a body, your light body.

In this light body, you still do all the things you did on Earth but you are vibrating at a different level of consciousness. For all of you who still are ingrained in the Cartesian and Newtonian belief systems that say that when you die that the lights go out and you are no more: this is not the reality. The reality is that the lights go on!!! You are still you! Surprise!!!

This is the biggest shock to the lights go off crowd of which there are many believers. When these lights go off believers realize they are still aware after death, it times them time to come to terms with it. It's a big, big shock to see that you're still alive after death. Of course, you're not in a physical vehicle any more but you are in a vehicle nonetheless called the light body.

I have been to the other side of death many times. It has been painted by controlling and money-hungry humans in a wrong-headed way.

There is no death, no death is inappropriate and you can't die unless your soul is ready to leave your human vehicle.

This is the truth about death: it doesn't exist.

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