Sunday, June 25, 2017

Being Wolf Medicine

At an early age, I was made aware that I am a wolf medicine person. It took me a lifetime to come to terms with this in that, at first, as a little child, I was frightened when these images of wolf came to me. I had, I felt, no one in my life at that point that I could ask about this except for one person, my father. I remember one night asking him if I was going to turn into a wolf. He simply said, "no!"

Wolf medicine continued to speak to me throughout my life and I never listened until much later into adulthood. I was finally given the full scope of what being a wolf medicine person was all about. Essentially, it is the medicine of leader and teacher and these two aspects have been my mission throughout my life. I have always gravitated to being a leader and a teacher in a natural way.

All humans have some animal as their medicine and their totem and there is much to be learned from our animal friends. It is also wise to be aware when different animals appear around you for they are giving you messages. For example, when wolf appears in my life, it is often signaling to me to take a closer look at the people I surround myself with. I also often see hawk appearing in the skies above me understanding that I am being guided to examine something more carefully or that an important teacher or lesson will appear in my life.

I have allowed animal medicine and totems to speak to me. I always feel that they are signs that I'm being contacted from "above." I see the reality I live in as a much more expanded experience that "talks" to me and I listen.

Perhaps this is for you too. For me, I have found it to include so much more than what is commonly held for most people as their reality, a reality that contains no Spirit for them. For me, Spirit is in everything.

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