Tuesday, March 14, 2017

You Are In Charge Of Your Experience

We understand that we are in a "free will" Universe but do we really know what that means? Can we accept what that means? From the prevailing behavior of humans on the planet, the answer is a resounding no!!! Human beings don't know nor do they accept what the gift of "free will" means. Why is that? The main reason humans don't like and accept their "free will" is that they don't understand it at all and they don't want to accept that a large part of "free will" is that they are in charge of their experience and there is no one to blame.

In our "free will" Universe there is destiny, the destiny our soul agreed to before it incarnated here on Earth but HOW one arrives at one's destiny is totally up to one. Your experience at arriving at your destiny is in your hands and most humans believe it's out of their hands and in the hands of some magical being somewhere!!! That thinking could not be more misguided.

The key to expressing your "free will" is being true to yourself and re-claiming your personal integrity. You must ask yourself these questions: Am I willing to experience more joy in my life? Am I willing to have an exquisite life?

When you answer these questions in the affirmative, you have taken your "free will" into your own hands and are ready to accept that the things you meet in life that you fear are YOU! You move from fearful reactions to fearless responses because you no longer see yourself as a cog in a wheel, a victim. You see yourself as the creator of your life experiences. Things don't just happen to you, you make things happen. You have realized that your experience is how you have managed your "free will." This is the creative canvass of human life.

You and only you are in charge of your experience. When you meet life that way, without blame, without recrimination, there is nothing in life you don't want to meet.

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