Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When People Don't Support Your Passion

What is your response when friends and family do not support your passion as fully as you have supported theirs or as deeply as you would like them to? Well, there are friends and family that will give you only verbal assertions of support in saying, "atta boy." There are those who will show up to support you only if it's a freebee. Then there are those who support you with their presence, their emotional backing and financial energy every step of the way. Not everyone will support you in your passion in the same way and they have every right to be there for you in the way they are capable of or not.

At the same time, I perceive my passion as being me, an extension of me and when you are not all in for my passion, you are saying you are not all in for me. So, what is my response to friends and family that are not all in for me? I relate to them with loving detachment and understand that I am not obligated to them in any way. I don't have to include them in my inner circle. I have relegated myself to being closer to those who are all in with supporting my passion because they are the ones who are truly honoring, respecting and showing me consideration. I do not negate the others. My relationship with them is still loving and they are just not of my inner circle, of my inner sanctum. It is not me who has chosen for them to be on the fringes of my circle. For whatever reason, they can't be all in for me and that is their right. It is also my right to live in loving detachment with them and not to feel obligated to them after I have been all in for them. I still show those in my outer circle kindness and it is kindness with a sense of discernment and wisdom.

All I know is that I am all in for my passion and I am an all in for you kind of person. I cannot demand that you be the same for me but I tend to want to share more relationship with those who support my passion wholeheartedly. If you are never there for me, what does that say despite your saying you're my best bud?

To all of those who support me on whatever level they can, thank you and please understand my dynamics.

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