Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Secret In The Chronicles Of Time

I have discovered the secret in the chronicles of time. In order to comprehend this continuum we can call our soul journey, we need emotions to comprehend this nonphysical aspect of our ascension, of our metaphysical, mystical path. We cannot access or perceive the full scope of the mystical with our limited physical senses. We need more than those sensual abilities and emotions are the ticket.

Emotions are nonphysical and they are the soul's means of communication. To understand your soul journey, you have to feel it. Physical life itself is a feeling yet many on planet refute feelings as if they are garbage. This means that many on planet refuse to connect with the nonphysical, the mystical. They take synthetic medications to downplay, relieve, stuff down emotions and feelings. I am not talking about stress and the effects of stress. I am talking about connecting with soul stirrings. These soul stirrings are the powerful whisperings of the soul that many cannot deal with because they usually whisper things contrary to what they are doing in their persona. I have seen this in life, up close and personal.

Soul stirrings and the emotions of the soul's continuum are there to help keep us on track with our soul contracts and destinies already decided before we incarnate. Whenever we ignore our soul contracts in life, our souls will do something dramatic to get us back on course, to get our attention. It could be the death of a loved one, a serious illness, a bad accident, the ending of a deep relationship, the loss of a great job, etc. Your soul will get your attention and it wants you to feel that soul stirring so that you become aware of your life's true direction and take it.

Connect with your emotions. They are not weaknesses. They are your ultimate strengths, your guide to the nonphysical currents of your life that are your true North Star.

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