Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Symptoms Of Enlightenment

The symptoms of enlightenment that I have experienced so far are:

1. I no longer worry.

2. I encounter synchronicity in my life.

3. The Universe quickly responds to my thoughts and queries.

4. I don't get sick as in, I don't get headaches and colds, etc.

5. I am happy and don't need things to "make" me happy.

6. I never meet a stranger I don't like.

7. I am comfortable in my own skin.

8. My reaction to people's problems is compassion.

9. I am no longer seeking to be angry.

10. I can manifest at will.

11. I see my ultra-sensitive empathic nature as a strength, not a weakness.

12. I love myself.

13. I am appreciative, grateful and thankful for everything in my experience.

These are real as I live them. It doesn't mean that my ego does not show up at times and causes me some consternation. What has happened is that I see and experience life from a more expanded awareness.

This is available to everyone. Why aren't more people becoming enlightened? Oh, but they are. You can too! Seek this. You will be overjoyed!!!

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