Monday, March 13, 2017

Spirit's Way

In my deep relationship with being Spirit, I have observed and discovered Spirit's essential way with moving souls along in their soul journey, their soul maturation. I take this information from what has been done for and with me.

Spirit's way of moving our souls forward in maturing, learning and expanding awareness is to provide a format ( human body) to operate through, a playground (Earth) to operate in and other-self (people) to see ourselves in. It is through these constructs that Spirit shows its way of guiding us for Spirit will always provide us with what we need, not with what we want.

Spirit presents us with these challenges knowing that we will be able to handle, to learn from these lessons, these experiences in the form of bodies, spheres like Earth and other people that are needed to take us to our reason for incarnating: to expand the awareness of our souls. Spirit does not think like a human and sometimes we humans cannot make sense of the lessons we are given by Spirit because they are nonlinear. We ask why me? Why did I need this in my life? Please understand that Spirit never wastes, never gives you anything you can't handle.

When Spirit presents you with a challenge that you need, it gives you the opportunity to overcome the challenge and learn from it but Spirit is not daunted if you fail. Spirit's way is to keep presenting you with that challenge, that lesson until you achieve success, until you learn that lesson. Spirit has all the time in the world as it is timeless and can continue presenting you with what you need no matter how many lifetimes in format it takes.

Remember that you as soul are an integral part of your own spiritual evolution. You can say yes to your lessons and challenges or you can say no. Spirit's way is to let you arrive at your enlightenment your way while providing you guidance every step of the way.

Spirit's way is to give you enough to make it a big enough life challenge to get your attention that your human awareness can help your soul get with the program. Spirit, soul, human, the triad that is Spirit's way. Thrash about as you may but Spirit's way is stronger than a human's.

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