Sunday, March 12, 2017

Man's Biggest Challenge And Biggest Failure To Date

I perceive that mankind has one great challenge and one great failure: the challenge of accepting what is and then the failure of mastering his inner world. Humankind is still very outer-directed in that it values that which is surface level, superficial although that is quickly changing as humanity is awakening to more soulful perceptions.

How can humanity change course and live a more spiritual existence? Master his inner world first. Be disciplined in his responses. Accept life as it comes and not waste time trying to control it. Take charge of his negative emotional reactions.

The above prescription is the best one I know for changing the tide of a humanity that over-values the impermanent qualities of life: money, fame, glamor, sex, power, control, etc. All of these outer qualities are great to enjoy but not to over-identify with. It's OK to enjoy our human sensuality but not while refuting that we are essentially Spirit enjoying a human nanosecond.

The lasting qualities of life from my vantage point are joy, love, health, peace, balance, harmony, abundance, and manifestation. In order to have these qualities in your life, you must do what is prescribed above, especially mastering your inner world first.

Without meeting the challenge of accepting what is and succeeding in mastering our inner world, we agree to live without soulfulness. That's a sorry condition we see every day in our world.

Accept what is. Master your inner world. The time is now.

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