Monday, March 6, 2017

If Your Thinking Stinks, So Will Your Experience.

Always, your experience is a direct reflection of what you are thinking. Both the thoughts you bring to your experiences and how you think of your experiences is the quality of your experiences because there is nobody there in your experience but you. The quality of your experiences tells you about you because all we can do is make decisions about what we think of something or we can just simply be aware in our experiences and not think.

I have come to experiences with negative thoughts and pre-conceived notions about what I was entering into. Those thoughts I had were from the past and caused me to not enjoy the present moment because I could not be in the now. My experience was colored by past thinking and feelings but I blamed the experience for being bad and not the direct reflection of what I was thinking.

If I am not in the here and now during my experience, where am I? Where I am is in a place I call the void. You are not present in your experience so you are not here. You are asleep at the wheel. You are experiencing what you think, not what you are and your thinking is negative meaning in the past, pre-conceived, judgmental, angry, resentful, etc.

My suggestion for being happier is to bring no thinking to your experiences. I don't mean not being discerning and just going for any kind of experience even if it's dangerous or extracting from a stressful experience. What I'm saying is attempt to be clear in your experiences. Don't compare, don't compete, be in the now moment and savor your experiences just as they are, not as you would have them be.

Be in your experiences, not in your head. Be more aware of your senses while in your experiences as in what are the sensual components of things right there in that now moment. Pay attention to those. Your experiences will be richer. I find it to be a useful practice.

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