Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Have Always Felt My Real Self

Beginning from when I was a little boy, I had a feeling and sense about my "essential self," as I will call it here, that lived inside me. As a child, I sensed it as a quiet presence within that was all-knowing and wise, having a much different take on the experiences I was having because it was never ruffled.

At the time of my youth, I had no idea what this presence was, only that it was there. It seemed separate from my human self, my human thinking and always showed me a higher reality to my egoic thoughts. I always wondered what it was but I also always paid heed to it in acknowledging that somehow I should trust it or knew it was right.

Today, I know that Self as my Higher Self, my connection to my over-soul or what some call my Monad. This being I know as my essential and real Self and I know, markedly so, the difference between it and my human self.

My real Self does not think like my human self. It has no ego, persona or psyche. It just is. It is quantum, unlimited and ever-lasting. It sees things from the view-point of a continuum. It never dies. It is a supreme creator, supreme manifestor and is multidimensional.

I know now that I operate from this consciousness, this Higher Self.

I am not alone as all humans have this Higher Self. We are all in this together as one Self, all humans. Relating to this Higher Self is a goal for all humans to achieve, I perceive. It is of great import to know the difference in behavior and attribute of your human, ego self and your Higher Self because our planetary consciousness has moved out of human ego self into more of the Higher Self.

If you want to have more in your life, connect with your Higher Self.

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