Friday, March 3, 2017

I Am Light

Everything is composed of "Light." What is "Light" and why is it important to understand it in a spiritual way? "Light" and sound are the natural frequencies of our existence and "Light" is known to alter every vibrational frequency that it encounters. "Light" carries information and information expands systems so that old systems can no longer exist.

When I assert that I am Light, please don't confuse this with the saying, "I am the Light." I am saying that my natural vibrational Light frequency carries information that is "called" to different systems in the Cosmos, including Earth, in order to effect change in that system to a higher vibrating reality.

In order for that Light, that I am, to effect change, I have to be present on a sphere, therefore, I take on a physical manifestation, a human body, in this case, in order to be present and bring my Light information to bear on Earth.

My Light frequency is of the Blue Ray and contains the information of unconditional love, wisdom , expanded DNA consciousness and healing.

I came to Earth as this frequency. Those of you who are reading this are being changed by my frequency. This message is at a certain Light frequency. The frequency of Love.

The importance of this message today is that we are all connected and our Light frequencies effect each other and the whole. What is your frequency and how are you effecting those around you? You can raise your Light quotient to a higher vibratory level by raising your consciousness with higher thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, foods and actions.

May I suggest you begin raising your vibrations today if you have not already done so. It's very critical!!!

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