Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Forget "Trying"

When you want to succeed, forget "trying," instead, concentrate on and say, "I am bringing about." When you try, you are giving yourself over to your lower ego in that your attempt is half-hearted. When you try and fail, you say, "Well, I tried" and go on to the next thing letting your dream fade to black. When you are bringing about, you bring your true human spiritual power of creating to bear, a power that cannot be denied.

Every human can manifest at will, out of thin air. You just have been conditioned to believe you have no such power. You, human, are a creator. You have the power to manifest so stop giving your power away by thinking you are not one with Divine energy and can create like God creates. You can.

God does not try. God brings about. You are God in physical form. Start bringing about all your beautiful dreams and desires. Remember not to be negative or destructive. This is about being a positive creator.

So, the next time you embark on manifesting anything, forget trying. Don't try. Believe, know, be confident that you are bringing about. This consciousness will take you out of your conditioned lower ego and into the realm of the Divine which you are.

Return to your true power of Divine manifestation. When you begin to believe who you are and see your creations come into being, you will wonder why you didn't see and do this sooner.

Remember, "I am bringing about." It makes all the difference because how you think is your reality and determines your outcome. There is no trying.

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