Monday, March 20, 2017

Dumbo Didn't Need The Feather

In Walt Disney's classic animated feature, "Dumbo," a baby elephant finds the courage and ability to fly in a circus act from a feather given to him by his friend and confidante, a circus mouse. Dumbo totally believed and was convinced that it was the feather that made him fly.

What I believe is the truth and wisdom of this beloved story, for us to remember, is that Dumbo didn't really need the feather; the magic was in HIM!

That same magic is in every human and there is really no need for any kind of crutch. Humans are magic but they seem to forget this. We humans contain the magic within as intention. This power is the power to manifest. We need only use this power of intention to create anything in our world, our life, our reality. All we need to do is clean our connecting link to intent and accept we have this awesome power within us and practice using it every day. We must become the major manifestors that we were gifted to be in order to live in our natural joyous state.

We do not need to give our power to anything outside us. This giving away our innate power of intent has been the unfortunate disempowering of the human race for millennia. It is time to take back our power.

Give implicit intent, the intent you were gifted with within and you will become the creator you were meant to be. You find this intent by using your thoughts, feelings and soulfulness together to create...anything. Be confident and positive. Use your power for good.

You don't need the feather; the magic is in YOU!

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