Friday, March 10, 2017

Circuits Of Consciousness

Humans are multi-dimensional beings who can experience different levels of consciousness as part of their natural human operating system. These are seen in our physicality as chakras and there are eight basic circuits of consciousness that we live every day. They are:

The first four are terrestrial, meaning rooted in the Earth plane.

1. The root or vital consciousness that is the domain of Love, abundance and health.

2. Politico-territorial or emotional consciousness.

3. Intellectual consciousness that is the domain of the conceptual, belief systems and dogma.

4. Socio-sexual consciousness that is the domain of our cultural awareness.

The next four circuits are Supra-terrestrial or off-planet. When your consciousness operates out of these circuits, you have taken a "great leap" from terrestrial to Supra-terrestrial.

5. Somatic consciousness that is the domain of energy.

6. Psychic consciousness and the awareness of being multi-dimensional.

7. Mystic-religious or universal consciousness.

8. Creator, Cosmic or quantum consciousness.

These circuits of consciousness are layers of reality through which our soul perceives, understands and acts. We humans are these circuits.

Where are you in your multi-dimensional awareness?

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