Sunday, March 19, 2017

Better Communication

Do you want to have better communication with yourself and other people? There is a simply profound action formula for having great balance in communication and it's this: you must refrain from overt overreaction or attacks with others but not yield to self-denial or submit to the abuses of other people.

You must face your adversaries but it does not mean attacking others or demeaning yourself. I have found that many people start their communication from a defensive posture rather than a responsive posture. Often, people communicate out of a control drama where they want to intimidate you or dominate you. This type of obsessive control in communication leads to breakdowns in interpersonal relationships.

 I have found it easy to be truthful in my relationships by being thoughtful about HOW I communicate things not WHAT I communicate. When I come from pure intent, I find that people respond to me positively even though what I'm communicating may be interpreted by them as difficult.

Be true to yourself and respect other's feelings. It's a winning communication style. Remember, you can't make others behave the way you want them.

 You can only lead by example.

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