Wednesday, March 8, 2017

All Or Nothing?

We seem to be releasing ourselves from our "all or nothing" way, our mentality. I say, good for that. All or nothing has never worked and it is meant to go away.

If you have not left this unbalanced state of mind behind you yet, may I caution you not to lose your psychic equilibrium and come back to center. All or nothing will not work. It is better to follow the middle way of win-win not win-lose. Win-lose is the old energy matrix that is being torn asunder. Get out of that win-lose paradigm.

Go into the state of being the observer / participant to break the loop of win-lose, to break the loop of pomposity / Self-pity.

This now moment is the time of all things in moderation, the middle way. All the over-eating, over-thinking, over-consuming, over-information is the cause of our unbalanced society and it is upon that that we shear off this greedy mentality and live in moderation. Come back to center, come back to balance and harmony.

Balance and harmony are the true states of the Cosmos. Everything seeks balance and harmony, not win-lose, not excess, not grandiosity, not greed.

Instead of all or nothing, make it one for all and all for one. That's the new consciousness that will prevail. If you want to prevail, get with that consciousness as soon as possible.

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