Saturday, February 11, 2017

Your Thoughts AND Feelings Create Reality

What you think of as your "reality" is nothing more than a description, a description that you agree to and of which you are a member. That agreement of the description of your "reality" that you agree to is very strong and you accept it as your only "reality" when, in truth, there is so much more to the world than you allow yourself to perceive. This creation of your world happens through the power of your thoughts AND feelings. All thought is drawn into form based on the emotional influence behind it. The world you live in is simply a feeling.

When you want to create a "reality" you can use the power of your thoughts AND feelings. They are real and they can help to change your "reality." The problem with most humans who are sadly stuck in a "reality" they don't enjoy is that they refuse to believe, to accept their own power of thought AND feeling to create their world. They ignore, refute, disbelieve the multi-dimensionality of existence.  To these disbelievers, the world is one dimensional, as they see it and nothing else. They are misguided. The world is a much more mysterious, mystical, awesome construct than is being allowed to be perceived by most human beings.

Every human being is inherently endowed with the ability to create a world, a reality, with the use of thought AND feeling. Why do most human beings allow these powers to go unused or use them unconsciously putting themselves in unwanted "realities"? From my experience, it is a fear of their innate power. People fear how truly awesome they are as conditioned to fear this power by others who have used this power over them. Most people are willing patsies giving their power away to others who know of these powers and use them to control and subjugate others and the weird thing is that these others allow themselves to be controlled by people no more powerful than they are!!!!

It is time to take back your power. No one has more power than you. You have thought and feeling like everybody else and can use it for your own positive and constructive purposes to create a "reality" of your choosing and not some other's choice of a "reality" that they decided you should experience.

Wake up to your natural thought and feeling powers. You were endowed with them for a reason.

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