Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Your Ego, Doorway To Awareness

Many Spiritual traditions advise getting out of, ridding yourself of your ego! This is a bit of misguided advice or perhaps we have misinterpreted what the wise sages have admonished us to do on the arduous path of Spiritual enlightenment. From my experience, the wise sages really mean parenting your ego and using its sense of itself as a gateway, a doorway through which to understand and then know your Higher Self.

How is it possible to use the ego to become more Spiritual? What I have experienced is that in befriending my ego on the Spiritual path, I have learned many of its ways. Knowing how my ego operates, grasping its nature has allowed me to understand the difference in when my soul comes calling. I found that my soul co-exists with my ego and I had to manage my ego so that it would not dominate the conversation when I was communing with my soul.

An example is that I found my ego desirous of control of myself and others, it loved grandiosity, is a liar and deeply afraid of death. My soul, on the other hand, seeks grandeur, is always truthful, seeks to allow others and knows it's a continuum and never dies. I know the difference between my ego and my soul but they are intertwined in a complex dance celebre where the ego struggles to understand the soul and the soul seeks only to expand its awareness through the machinations of the ego. It's a delicate balance where the wise sages are correct that you have to keep a watchful eye on the ego or else it will fool you into believing it's real. Only the soul is real. The ego is a thought construct designed by the soul to navigate nature by maintaining a sense of self. That sense of self is important but it is not the essence of who we are.

Do not abandon your ego in your Spiritual journey; befriend it, make it your ally and remember that the essential you, your soul, is the ultimate decision maker. Your ego knocks on the door of Spirit, your soul opens that door.

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