Friday, February 17, 2017

Until You Do This, You're Thinking

Thinking and feeling are powerful tools to manifesting. These inherent human tools can also be used to become. Become? Become what? Ah, there's the rub!

There is much, now, about the so-called "Law of Attraction" being purveyed into popular culture to show how we can easily manifest in our lives. It seems to me that it is made more complicated than it really is in using over-thinking and over-feeling to be an attractor. It is much simpler than is being portrayed.

Do not think and feel too much about that which you desire to attract. In my experience, that which is like itself attracts more of it. In a way, you become, on a vibrational level, that which you are seeking.

Everything is in union with everything else. If there is radiant health manifesting outside of you, without, in your experience, then there is radiant health within. If there is soul fulfillment inside of you, there is soul fulfillment outside of you.

So, that which you seek, that which you desire to manifest, be. Be it. Don't over-think or over-feel it. That's called obsessing. If you desire to be loved, to have love, to have a lover, be Love to yourself and others, that is, behave lovingly in all you think, feel and do. This is not grandiose. For example, don't hate on anyone, don't criticize anyone, don't gossip about anyone. No matter who or what it is, love them, love it. I am not saying to put on rose colored glasses. You must use wise discernment. When you have the reality of Love inside you, you see it materialize in your experience. You don't have to suffer it, you don't have to obsess over it, just be it.

Being whatever it is you're desiring is vibrating it and vibrational frequencies attract frequencies that are like them. Like attracts like. Want happiness, be happy. Want money, be money. Want success, be success.

If, for example, you have no money, stop saying you're broke. Saying you're broke is a thought and feeling vibration that attracts more being broke to you. If you are without money, start thinking and feeling rich by first thinking and feeling empowered enough to do actions to make money whatever that might be. It could be getting a job, getting a loan, starting a small business, having a yard sale, going on unemployment, etc. Change your "I'm broke" vibration. Did I say this was easy? It becomes easier with practice. With enough practice, you will believe.

Be it first in your heart, then do it through actions and then you will have it. Be, do, have.

You cannot have until you are.

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