Sunday, February 12, 2017

There Is No Shamanic Bible

Shamans around the world do not share a "bible," as we understand and know a bible as a conventional religious text. Shamans don't put Spirit's words in a book for everyone to obey and follow. Why is that? The reason Shamans don't create a dogmatic, written text everyone must take literally like all of the major religions do is because of the Shaman's intimate connection to and with Spirit. Spirit is always there, always available, always consistent in its message and always ready to assist the Shaman in healing. The Shaman calls on Spirit directly, not on some ideation of a metaphysical being that he must "go through" to reach Spirit. The ways of Spirit are available to the Shaman who nurtures the connection with Spirit with the "writings" of Spirit being metaphysical, that is, they are not on paper, they are in consciousness, always available and ready to be tapped into by the knowledgeable and capable Shaman.

Understand that there is much to learn from the sacred texts of the Earth's major religions. However, I find Spirit to be a more pure and non-dogmatic teacher. The Shaman needs no bible as Shamanism is experiential and wherever the Shaman is, there sacred and holy space is. The Shaman invokes Spirit for the sake of healing not for the sake of control, lies, fear and ego.

Spirit does not think like a human nor does it speak to the Shaman in egocentric terms. Spirit does not judge others no matter what spiritual or religious practice they adhere to. Spirit does not say it is better than anything else or anyone else and if you don't follow Spirit's ways, you are a blasphemer. Spirit does not say that any person is less than another if they are of a different gender than you. Spirit is not homophobic. Spirit does not kill for its beliefs. For these reasons and many more, there is no Shamanic bible as we understand a "bible" that practitioners of shamanism must adhere to or else and yet the basic tenets of shamanism are the same all over the world.

There is no Shamanic bible, there is only Shamanic practice. Being a Shaman is experiential, not ideational.

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