Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Struggle Of "No Expectations"

The struggle of humans to live with no expectations, that is, to stop controlling everything, stop lying to yourself, stop imagining the worst, stop fearing that it won't turn out the way you want it and stop exerting your ego onto every experience to make outcomes fit into your pre-conceived belief systems.

This is a most difficult practice and when you live with and by expectations, what you are saying is that you don't trust yourself, you don't trust the outcome, you can't accept what is. Please understand that I am not saying you should not give intent for what you desire. You should, you must but then let that desire go and be able to flow with how it is manifested as your experience instead of control freaking it. Accept that what you desire will happen as the way you want it...well, maybe not EXACTLY as you pictured it but pretty close.

A sure fire way to end the struggle of putting expectations on your experiences and coming up short for whatever reason is to give your desire intent and then to let it go, forget it and trust that it will manifest in some way in your experience. Trust. That's it. Believe me in this as I just struggled with it recently. I like to control. I want things to be just so. It makes for a lot of mind games and discontent.

I have found trust as the basis for happiness that allows life to take its course just as it is meant to and as I intended. Perhaps not in the very way I pictured it but the outcome is what I desired and that outcome is what happened. It is a hard lesson but one I believe is the best for my ultimate sanity, happiness, peace and understanding.

I am having to continue to work with my ego mind to just relax and trust that my soul is doing what's right and needed.

Why struggle when you know that you are the trust fund baby of the Cosmos?

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