Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little Things

Are you still bothered by the little things in life? Do you still get upset at nonsense? Unfortunately, most people still have little or no control over their ego, their emotions and their physicality and are easily lead and easy to react to small negativities. This way of behaving is powerless. There is no personal power in this egocentricity. What it means is that, whatever age you are, you still don't have dominion over your ego, your physical self, your emotions and therefore, the world at large. You are buffeted about by the littlest of inconveniences which makes you an easy target of control.

If you are reading these words and desire to gain more control over yourself, it is time to begin working on seeing your ego, mind, body and soul as the powerful tools they are and to begin gaining control over these aspects of yourself.

How does one do this? Simple. It's called learning Self-control.

1. Learn how to eat only what's good for your body and how not to overeat.

2. Restrict your reactive ego. Learn how not to sweat the small inconveniences of life. Grow up.

3. Learn how to manage and control your emotions, not to stifle them but to put them under your command.

4. Learn how to quiet your mind.

5. Connect with your soul through meditation and other spiritual practices.

6. Perceive the oneness of everything. We are all in this life together.

7. Be Love now. Be here now.

8. Love yourself and others unconditionally.

These are the basics of gaining the upper hand on your ego, your petulance, your negativity, your reactiveness. If you still get upset at other peoples' tiny infractions, it is time to look at yourself and see that it's not about their infraction, it's about your reaction.

 A calm soul doesn't react, it responds. Don't sweat the small stuff since that is the basis for pettiness.

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