Sunday, February 19, 2017

Life Just Is

Life just is and it is your response to life that decides your outcome. Living is not for or against you no matter what your karma is.  Karma is for learning. There is no morality in life in that it is neither good nor bad, it is simply neutrally indifferent. The meaning of your life is the meaning you give it for life is an empty canvas, a tabular rasa that you paint on with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and responses.

The outcome of your life is how you respond to life. Respond in a negative way, life gives you negativity. Respond in a positive way, life gives you positivity. You get what you give. It's that simple or is it? It's only difficult when you refuse to realize that your response to life can be altered for the better as in, keep seeing life in the same way and you keep getting the same outcome. Change your response to life and that is how your life will change. Life isn't against you. You are against you.

People wonder, "why oh why is this happening to me?" It isn't happening to you. You are happening to you. Your response to life over time builds up a vibrational bank account that you cash in as success or failure, health or illness, happiness or sadness. If you believe there are dark forces acting on you to create suffering in your life there are as your thinking and beliefs have opened you up to psychic attacks.

Nothing can harm what is real. What is real and authentic comes from being with thoughts, feelings, beliefs and responses to life that flow out of joy, Love, light, peace, harmony, balance, health, manifestation and abundance. Any other type of response is vibrating lower, hence your lack and suffering.

Respond to your life with higher values, higher thoughts, feelings, beliefs and responses and your life will be these higher values. You will live these values. That's the secret to a happier life. Now, go be happy.

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