Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Am A Cosmic Shaman

Shamans have become very popular. Everyone is either seeking one or becoming one. So, what is a Shaman, really? I am a Cosmic Shaman so let me describe what a Shaman is from my experience. A Shaman functions as a guardian of the psychic and ecological equilibrium of his group and its members, as an intermediary between the seen and unseen worlds, as master of spirits, as supernatural curer. The Shaman is able to transcend the human condition and pass freely back and forth through the different cosmological planes.

A Shaman has an intimate association with Spirit and is capable of living beneath the surface of ordinary reality, that is, is comfortable in non-ordinary reality so that the Shaman can relate to matters on a soul level. The Shaman's main lens through which he sees and perceives is through the lens of connection. He connects with the soul of everything. He knows the mundane but lives the divine. He is sacred space in flesh.

A real Shaman is a guardian spirit. Everything is sacred to the Shaman. My shamanism is not an earthly one, it is a Cosmic one. I bring to bear the unlimited, quantum Cosmic reality of no thing, no death, no life, no thought, all there is in the now.

My intimacy is with Spirit. The domain of Spirit is where you must go if you are seeking  or wanting to become a Shaman. Seeking and finding Spirit takes some doing because there is nothing human there. Humans attempt to personify Spirit. Spirit does not think like a human. Spirit behaves like a force. A Shaman works with this force. May the force dwell within you.

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