Thursday, February 23, 2017

Humans Are Multidimensional

I have experienced that being human is being multidimensional. When you experience this aspect of your humanness, you experience that multidimensional humans are humans that consciously exist in many different places all at once.

We humans do not end where our skin ends. We also do not end where our aura or etheric body ends. We exist in many different realities.

We can usually perceive these multidimensions in our daydreams, our nighttime dreams, our meditations, our contemplations, our imaginations and when we become aware of the consciousness of our chakras.

From our root chakra to our crown chakra, we have built into us, multidimensional platforms of perception that we feel but often ignore. All our concerns are built on the functioning of our chakras which are spinning energy vortices that send out information and receieve it back from our environment and from others.

A good example is the dimension of the root chakra. If your consciousness is in that chakra, in that dimension, your concerns will be about money, stability, family, work, earthly concerns. This is a dimension and we exist in many, many dimensions at the same time. You can perceive money at the same time that you can perceive concerns that are in higher dimensions like joy, peace, Love, compassion, etc.

Humans are, by nature, multidimensional. May I suggest you participate in these many dimensions on purpose, consciously. Explore these dimensions like you explore a country you visit on a vacation.

These dimensions are you, why not discover more about you?

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