Saturday, February 4, 2017

How To Know Your Life

How does one know one's life? How can you see it for what it is? There is a sure fire way to truly understand your life and it is simple. To understand why things happen in your life, look inside yourself first. What's going on inside you as what are your thoughts beliefs and feelings? Then, look outside yourself. What is going on around you? What surrounds you, what is in your experience tells you what's going on inside of you and what is inside you creates what is going on around and outside you. All of this tells you whether you are on the right track.

The problem with many people is that they don't accept that their thoughts, beliefs and feelings create their reality. They think life just happens to them and they accept no responsibility for their inner life that creates their outer life.

You want to know your life? Know your thoughts, beliefs and feelings for these create your experiences or your so-called life. Look at your life as it unfolds and this is your way of seeing how your thoughts, beliefs and feelings are manifesting in your world.

If you don't like your outside reality, your experiences, change your thoughts, beliefs and feelings to thoughts, beliefs and feelings that serve you better. That is what change really is.

You do not change the outside when you are unhappy, you change what's on the inside of you, your interior world first. Face your interior world and make the necessary adjustments and your exterior world will magically change.

Losing or gaining weight is a good, simple example of this concept. If you are having challenges with weight gain or loss, it is not that effective to use the outside technique of dieting as your first means of weight control. In order to lose weight effectively and keep it off or on,  you must first love yourself inside, you must first understand your weight gain inside. Face the reasons you have gained or lost weight first and address those reasons with yourself and then move to correct those reasons whether it's because you are stressed out, unhappy about a loss, feelings of loneliness, bad eating habits born of ignorance or laziness or whatever the deeper reasons are. Tackle the inner issues first because you will not change your outer image if you don't heal the inner wounds first.

I speak from years of experience and finally discovered that it is my interior life that predicts my exterior life and I look at my exterior life to confirm that I am where I want to be. I know it's not always easy to face what's inside and realizing that what you are comes from within, not without is a hurdle that you will be so happy you overcame that you will wonder why you didn't face it sooner.

Know thyself and your world meets you there.

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