Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How To Be In Spirit's Presence

Many are not sure how to be in Spirit's presence. I sense that many don't believe Spirit is a part of them and therefore believe it's "out there" somewhere. From my experiences with Spirit, I have found that Spirit and I are one. I am not separated from Spirit and I have realized practices that can help me stay attuned to my spirituality:

1. Prayer, mediation, chanting are ways to silence the ego mind and connect with Spirit right where you are. Spirit enters a silenced mind.

2. Always walk your path with honesty and integrity. Behaving in this way allows you to have clarity that invites Spirit to dwell in you.

3. Don't magnify challenges in your life and go to the place of pity. Trust in Spirit that all is and will be well. In this way, Spirit comes to you.

4. Surrender, allow, go with the flow. When you accept what is, you tune into synchronicity and Spirit comes to be with you, giving you the feeling that the past, present and future are all connected in a continuum.There are no mistakes, no accidents, no coincidences.

When you live these practices, you soon realize that you are Spirit having a momentary love affair with nature as a means of expressing your Spirit.

Spirit is always with you.

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