Friday, February 10, 2017

Fear Constricts, Love Expands

All my life I wondered why I gravitated toward peace. I spoke of peace, wrote about peace, behaved peacefully (for the most part), sought out peace and created peace in and with others. It took me a long time in this life to realize that I am a Being of Love, not in the mushy, sentimental sense but in the powerful, warrior sense of being the most powerful force in the Cosmos, Love. I Am it.

I discovered that peace and Love are energies that expand the soul and because I was always that, I was never afraid. In my life, I always took risks, learned not to be afraid of anything or anyone, always spoke up and spoke my truth. My journey here has been, for the trajectory of my adulthood, a trajectory of soul expansion, not soul constriction.

There is much fear in our world today and therefore, many constricted souls. I cannot live that way. I am making a plea with all those who are fearful about our world to switch their thinking to Love. Nothing real and authentic can be distroyed and Love is more real than fear. Fear is an ego construct that dismisses the indestructibility of the soul. You cannot be destroyed.

Reject fear. Open to Love, be Love. Now, understand that you must be Love with a sense of wisdom. You must be Love with discernment, not foolish Love.

Do not fear. Fear constricts. Be Love now. Love expands. There is really no further explanation needed on this for it is that simple.

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