Monday, February 27, 2017

Being True

When you practice being true to your word, what you say affirms to the Universe that you can be counted on. The Universe is you and the infinite intelligence that is in everything responds to your being true to your word and always give back to you that truth. Your word is the bond that glues you to the matrix of abundance that is alive and real and is attracted to you when your word is sure.

Do not mince or waste words, do not say one thing and do another, do not lie, do not chatter or gossip. If you are wonton with your words, if you waste them carelessly, the Universe hears exactly that carelessness and delivers more of that carelessness to your doorstep. You attract what you are. Are you what you say you are? Be what you say you are and be grateful you are that and the Universe will supply you with more of that to be grateful for.

Always be true to your word for it is the basis and fabric of your life. Words are powerful tools. Own your words. Make what you say come from your heart, not from your ego. Let your words be memorable not miserable.

Your words count. They have meaning. Use them wisely and you will be granted the keys to heaven on Earth.

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