Sunday, February 5, 2017

Are You A Thought Leader?

Are you a thought leader in that you have original, fresh thoughts and ideas not fed to you by the media or those you were conditioned by from birth? Where does what you think and believe come from? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you and can you think for yourself and not parrot back what you heard from someone and somewhere else?

It took me a long time to ask myself what it was that I really thought and felt. This made me realize that my thinking and feeling was a product of my societal conditioning and that I had no thoughts of my own or didn't really know what I felt.

I discovered that I was living a thought and feeling lie when I experienced the death of my greatest friend, my wife, Maureen. I first thought of it as a loss and then I realized that my experience in my life with her was a gain and the way we think of death is a sham that someone else designed to make money with. What I saw is that there is no death and thinking there is is not an original thought. When you think of death as a loss, that's a conditioned thought given to you by someone else. Of course, we as humans, grieve! It's necessary to mourn as a means of saying goodbye for now, as a way of completion of the experience you had with that person. However, they are not dead, they are just in a different dimension.

A thought is a vibrational energy pattern that need not be so rigid that you are imprisoned by those thoughts as in you can't change that thought to a better one that serves you better. If I may suggest, look at how and what you think and see if you have any of your own thoughts or are they conditioned teachings that you just regurgitate over and over again.

Take your new thinking from the genius of your heart center. Listen to your heart first and find out how you really feel and what you really think. Make sure your original thoughts harm no one, make sure they are positive, constructive, loving and empowering to you and others.

When thinking originally and being a thought leader, stay away from fear, ego, lies and control.

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