Monday, February 13, 2017

All Things Are Frequencies

Everything in material existence is energy including human beings and this energy is realized, comes into a physical reality, as frequencies of sound, light, consciousness. Sometimes, you have to unplug yourself so that you can be out of use. What does this mean? Why do you care?

For me, to unplug myself means unplugging from thought, emotions, feelings, beliefs and going into the void where no frequencies exist. There, in that void, I am pure awareness. It is the realm of the unmanifest. I choose to go to this place so that I am out of use, I am in a state of no thing, quiet, peaceful, serene, tranquil and not causing any ripples in the Cosmic pond of consciousness, I just am!

This is a means of refreshing my soul, recharging my being and I believe it is important for you as a means of knowing that you can do this to seek refuge, to be in a place of peace, to recharge your being so that you can better deal with the multitude of energy frequencies that you call life in the physical domain. This is a great perspective to realize.

To arrive at this place, begin with simple meditations to quiet the mind, to allow your thoughts, emotions and feelings to go into abeyance. Leave these frequencies aside for a while and just be with your Higher Self. It is sort of like fasting for your physical presence. When you don't eat for a day or three, your body has a chance to reboot, you unplug your body from constant food intake, digestion and elimination. You put your body out of use and this gives it a refreshing.

When you practice unplugging yourself, you will find yourself having much more energy both spiritually and physically. You do it with your computers, why not with yourself?

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