Friday, February 3, 2017

A Blue Ray Being Speaks

It is time again for me to speak to humanity from my true essence as a Blue Ray Being. Who and what in the world is a Blue Ray Being, you ask? Not easy to give you a pat answer on this and here are the basics: A Blue Ray Being is a Being that is not human that comes into human format to be amongst other beings to bring, by presence, a higher consciousness whose energy signature comes through as the color Blue if and when you see a Blue Ray's aura. The vibratory level of Blue Rays is the energy of a group consciousness that expresses itself as Love, healing and wisdom. We are here on Earth to assist in the ascension of Gaia out of 3D into 5D and as a result, humanity.

I speak today of the importance of going with the flow of the collapse of the 3D Matrix vibratory construct that has kept you in bondage for a long time. Please know that this is not like the depiction in the movie, "2012" where you have everything physical crashing down. This is about the crashing and collapsing of the consensus trance belief systems endemic in your government, politics, banking, education, food production, police, military, religion, and culture. You are seeing this collapsing around the world now as I write.

I am speaking to reassure you that this collapse of your lower 3D Matrix is necessary in order for a more evolved construct to take its place. The one you elected as your leader in the United States is the harbinger of the collapse and he is a pivotal character in the downfall of your old energy systems that no longer serve you. See him as putting himself in a very difficult situation. Understand that as my human, I did not vote for this leader and I am seeing his presidency through the lens of my Blue Ray Being.

There will be much in the way of your old belief systems dropping off. Go with the flow of this. Let the collapse happen. It is for the better.

There is nothing wrong with holding your government accountable for their actions and know that behind the scenes, there is a deeper meaning to what's going on that you may not yet see.

From the vibratory level of a Blue Ray Being that vibrates off-planet, I assure you that what I speak of here is the truth. May I encourage you to continue your engagement of vigilance with regards to your government, politics and the other constructs of your society but now that you know the truth, do your bidding without ego, lies, control or fear.

I am a Blue Ray Being.

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