Monday, January 9, 2017

Words Mean Nothing To People

I am afraid the time has come to repeat for the umpteenth time that words matter, words have power and what you say matters. Words carry the vibrations of thought, desire and emotion that are carried through sound waves as a vibratory force that has a lasting effect on sentient beings. Yet, human beings still act like words are just empty puffs of air and that it doesn't matter what they say. To me, this is a deep unconscious approach to communication and one that brings much suffering.

My admonition to you is: pay attention to every word you say! I say, carefully craft your thoughts that translate into your use of words. Don't take your words for granted for your words have meaning and they effect people.

People use words cavalierly, without giving their intent a thought and this is why most people are powerless. They don't realize the power of their intent embodied in words. Words are things just like a bullet is a thing and both words and bullets can kill.

Use words with discernment, with caution, with forethought and you will reap the benefits of your words being powerful rather than empty. You will be a thought leader, not a thought follower. Words are how we create.

Words are powerful tools, use them as such and see your life take on greater meaning as you give more meaning to your word.

Remember this: "when you practice being true to your word, what you say affirms to the Universe that you can be counted on."

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