Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why Do Humans feel?

Why do humans have feelings? Where do they come from? Of course, contemporary psychology will answer it in its way and has done so for many years saying it's from the mind. I prefer the perspective of the awareness and perception of Spirit when it comes to understanding feelings.

The first thing to grasp, from my experience as an ultra-sensitive hyperempath, is that feelings are the result of something. They are a result of emotions which make you have feelings and are designed by your soul, yes, your soul, not your mind, to get your attention that you may take certain actions or not as it relates to your perception of the reality that you feel. Yes, your reality is a feeling. Your soul sends you emotional thoughts that are a signal and these emotion signals create feelings that are there to impinge on your awareness so that you can take appropriate action to deal with the stimuli coming at you.

A good example is the passing away of a loved one. The ego cannot process death so the soul creates a coping mechanism for the rational mind in an emotion called grief. Grief is felt as many feelings including sadness, anger, depression, denial, etc., as a way of coping with the stress of losing and missing a loved one who has left us. The actions we take are releasing ones like crying, praying, remembering, healing and these are actions humans take to move on from the trauma of the death of a loved one. The action required is to cope and move on, not to forget.

Emotions are action-requiring programs and they are from our soul that we may create wholeness and health in ourselves rather than getting sick and staying stuck in these difficult emotions and feelings.

We need to feel since our reality is a feeling. Blocking your feelings is a dangerous game that only leads to more suffering when emotions are difficult. I am for feeling deeply and facing those good and bad feelings head on. This is not easy but it is necessary for recovery.

I am thankful that I feel as a human.

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