Friday, January 20, 2017

What You Think, Feel and Do to Others, You Do To Yourself

We are all connected as there is only one Self here. This cannot be emphasized enough. In that respect, what you think, feel, do and say to and about others, you are reflecting back to yourself, you are bringing on yourself. Yet so much of humanity is so cavalier about using negative thoughts, feelings, actions and words towards others thinking that the poison of that negative choice will only harm another!!! This is the height of ego gratification and leads to much heavy karma for you will receive back on yourself the same negativity to teach you what that negativity feels like when it's directed at you.

Direct to others only thoughts, feelings, words and actions of Love, peace, harmony, balance, light, health, abundance, and manifestation. These high vibrations will reflect back to you and help you be in a sacred space where anything and everything is possible. Staying in negativity toward others will contract your Spirit, will diminish your soul, will eventually make you physically ill.

The choice is yours. My choice is to be Loving toward others and seek to understand THEIR faults rather than force them to always understand ME. I seek to understand rather than to be understood. In using this approach, I have, my entire life, never had an enemy. Remember the words of Will Rogers, "I never met a man I didn't like."

There is no "other." What humanity is is a we. There is only one Self here. Proceed accordingly.

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