Thursday, January 19, 2017

What Is Confusion And Why Is There So Much Of It?

From my perception, we seem to be in the midst of much confusion in our world. What is confusion and why is there so much of it now? It is my understanding that confusion is a persona/psyche/ego condition or state during which the ego is in stasis in that it cannot choose what direction to go in when confronted with new ideas, new belief systems, new paradigms and realities it cannot or will not accept as valid or real and refuses to deal with them in healthy ways as in moving on and confronting new realities in healthy ways.

All of life is action, is flow and that is a Cosmic Law. Confusion is the cessation of that natural flow in which the confused cannot or will not make a decision or choice to move forward, to be in the flow leaving the confused in a state of existential angst. I have also seen that confusion leads to many emotions when the one confused is not that aware or is unconscious and does not realize that the confusion is there to challenge you to make an important change in your life. These emotions can range from extreme anger and petulance to destructiveness and killing and remember, these are the actions of confused people who are unconscious as they are acting out of a static state where there is no flow, no action in choosing a different path for their own wellbeing.

A good example would be the political divisiveness in the United States and around the world. People are confused that our world is changing and instead of moving forward and working with these changes to make our transition into our new Earth much smoother, they have decided to hunker down into mentally armed camps. Red states, Blue states, Conservative, Liberal, all labels for armed camps. This static thinking causes confusion. People don't know what to do, where to turn, they come to a crossroads and don't know which way to turn. Stasis, confusion.

What is the best way to overcome confusion? To overcome confusion, make a decision, make a choice, whatever it is (to harm no one) to move forward to help pull us out of this divisiveness, the ego created blockage against inevitable change. Create a third party, call your elected official and express your opinion, get elected to congress, write intelligent letters to the President, join an organization dedicated to moving the country forward, join a zen meditation group, empower yourself to be the change you want to see and end the stasis

Stop being confused by simply taking action. Understand that your actions will have consequences, good or bad and have the grace to accept whatever those consequences are.

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