Monday, January 30, 2017

We The People

I am sharing with you, today, some very apropos wisdom from Lion's Roar, Buddhist wisdom for our time magazine from an article by Ira Sukrungruang entitled, "We The People." It will give you a deeper perspective on how to handle these political times that are changing from Buddhist thought or otherwise.

"A good society is built one citizen at a time. Here are some Buddhist-inspired ways to be a good citizen in these troubled political times."

1. Believe in possibility.

2. Be a citizen-bodhisattva.

3. Strangers become kin.

4. Let's be civil.

5. You make all the difference

6. Do your little bit of good

7. The kitchen sermons

8. Citizenship is a practice

9. Only love dispels hate

You can read the more in depth meaning of these pieces of wisdom in Lion's Roar magazine, November 2016 issue. It is a worthwhile reading.

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