Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Truth Is Not Out There

The truth is not out there contrary to popular opinion. Where is truth, if it's not out there? Well, stop looking because there is no truth. Truth is a false construct. Our human realities are not based on truth, they are baesed on perception and awareness which is not the truth. What is true from your perception may not be true from my perception. What my awareness reveals to me and reveals to you cannot be the same because we are on different levels of awareness. This is not a moral issue and there is no judgement, there is no good and bad about what your truth is versus mine or what your perception and awareness is versus mine or anyone else's.

Everyone is at different levels of perception and awareness and that creates a reality for you that is real and true for you and may not be for me. That does not make you wrong and me right yet this is how humans base their way of dealing with each other. Humans believe that there is such a thing as better perception, better awareness. They will say things from their perception, not their truth, that "God is on my side." They are misguided as there are only perceptual and awareness levels.

There is only one truth: there is one Self here and that Self operates both inside of AND outside of Cosmic Laws that are unalterable, unchangeable and irrefutable. That Self operates both inside and outside the constructs of time and space.

If you desire to know the truth, connect with the one Self that is here, be the one Self that is here. The truth you seek is not out there. The so-called truth is inside. It resides in the Self that is your essential nature. Be in that and you will have your truth. If you are not in that Self, you are not connected to truth. What you are doing is simply being a perceiver and using your awareness to encounter the experiences of realities that may be higher and lower in nature.

Connecting to the Self is connecting to the real, to the truth. Everything else is not true.

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