Saturday, January 28, 2017

The 3D Matrix Is Collapsing

There is a real happening on our planet Earth and it is the complete collapse of the unreal 3D Matrix. What does this mean? This event is simply the fading away of everything based on fear, control, lies and ego and I mean everything. Our world's governments, banking, police, military, food, education, corporations, laws are going to collapse as we know them and a better version of these contructs will emerge. This is happening and you can see it most clearly in the current political environment in the United States where things have been shaken up as the clarion call to the collapse of the 3D Matrix.

This is not a bad thing although it will feel like it to many people as their comfort zones will be crashed into. It is the inevitable so my suggestion is, go with the flow of the collapse. Now, understand, I am not talking about destroying anything as in terrorism. I am talking about the inevitable and natural progression of where our planet is and will be right now and in the immediate future. No construct can remain alive and flourish based on fear, control, lies and ego.

Things are being exposed that we may see the fear, control, lies and ego for what they are: lower vibrating constructs designed not for our best interests, designed to keep us enslaved that others may benefit.

I know that this is difficult to accept as we are so used to the way things are but things as they are are going away.

Here is what our new Earth Matrix will be based on instead of fear, control, lies and ego: Love, joy, peace. Light, health, harmony, balance, manifestation and abundance.

May I encourage you to be those higher vibrations now. Let the lower vibrations of fear, control, lies and ego fade around you. It will feel odd at first because it will be less dense.

I came to Earth as a Change agent so rest assured that what I am telling you is happening. Open your eyes.

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