Monday, January 23, 2017

Stopping The World

When you "stop the world" you see that the real world, a world that currently escapes you, is alive and has consciousness apart from you. It is mysterious in its ways and mystical in its nature. Why don't we live in this real world? We don't live in this real world of the mystical because we are distracted by the agreement of the false construct of reality of which we are a member. Our reality is only a description that we have agreed to and we are all members in. "Stopping the world" is a way of rewriting, re-wiring our perception and awareness to be able to see the real world, a world that is awesome, mysterious, unknown and mystical, a world where everything is alive with consciousness, energy and awareness. It is a world we can tap into and use for great purpose, foremost of which is, discovering the unknown and gaining tremendous personal power.

How do we "stop the world"? The very first practice to help you "stop the world" is connecting to what you don't believe is real: the Spirit world. Many have a misconception of the Spirit world being "spooky" because of how our society perceives this world as shown on TV and movies in ghost hunting series and horror movies. These descriptions are misguided. The Spirit world is a magnificent world and has many levels and many dimensions. It is our fearful beliefs of the Spirit world that holds us back from exploring it. We are actually judging the Spirit world as "bad."

My suggestion is for you to begin connecting with Spirit in a loving way through meditation. Begin to stop your mind! Again, in a loving way, not all this nonsense about fearful ghouls, ghosts, evil, witches, the devil, spooks, etc. Get away from that perception., that description. The real world is filled with many different kinds of conscious and unconscious beings just like in this physical reality we live in. There is much more out there that is alive like those beings in nature like the winds, animals, rocks, trees, storms, Devic beings, sprites, fairies, brownies and so much more and I am just scratching the surface here.

Our world is not a mechanical construct as most science would have you believe. Our world is alive and deep and conscious and you can talk with it and gain power from it if you release your distracted mindset from the grasp of the 3D Matrix. The way you live has you distracted from the real.

If you want to "see" the world as it really is, connect with the Spirit of the world. Connecting with the Spirit of the world starts with a desire to do so and takes courage, patience, fearlessness and fortitude. From my experience, it is a worthwhile pursuit.

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