Thursday, January 12, 2017

Light And Energy Are Conscious

Your persona/psych/ego has consciousness but of a very limited scope as it relates to the awareness of your soul's light and energy. Yet, many dismiss and ignore this light and  energy consciousness that they have inside them. What is being paid attention to, what most on the planet identify with is the tiniest awareness in their soul's expression of their persona/psyche/ego and not their soul itself.

This dismissal of the soul is at the heart of all physical, mental and emotional imbalance in human beings and if you want to start reversing your trend of sickness and suffering, begin the journey of connecting with your soul's light and energy.

How is this done?

Start by shutting off all technology such as your TV, IPad, Cell Phone, Wi Fi, etc. and sit in silence and be with your thoughts with no interference. Watch what comes up. Don't negate or refute what your mind or emotions bring you. Continue this practice of going into silence until you hear the whispers of your soul and it will whisper to you.  Begin the journey to your soul this way as it is the most natural and most direct way to deal with your ego's domination over your soul that you have allowed by over-identifying with your ego, believing it's real. The ego is not real, the soul is real.
This is hard to swallow, I know because I have experienced switching my identification with who and what I am from ego to soul.

It is not for the faint of heart but, in my view, is a most necessary journey to connect with the more conscious you, the You that has been waiting for you to connect with and open up to it.

Light and energy are conscious and you are made up of this energy. It is the time to connect with this soul energy for your continued sustainance.

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