Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Have No Problems

I have no problems, therefore, I have no stress. I do, however, have challenges and for those, I am excited and enervated...see the difference? Words have power over the ego which accepts the vibration of the word as true for it. When you change the word, you change your reality because your reality comes from the power of the word as you believe it.

Stop saying you have problems and you won't have them. Instead say that you have challenges and your subconscious will rise to meet them and not fold, spindle and mutilate when you say you have problems. Problems bring you down, challenges pick you up.

Whether you accept this premise or not, word usage is the most powerful reality creating tool you have. Words carry vibrational power that hold sway over our thought processes. Our thoughts create our lives. If you tell yourself something is a problem, your mind sees it that way and thus your reality makes it real for you.

Words are not just puffs of air. Words are powerful tools that manifest realities. If you want to change your life in any way, look at the words you use. Listen to yourself. This is the easiest way to see what is holding you back in life. I am not just talking about the words you say or allow others to say to you. I am talking about the words you say to yourself, the words you listen to in songs, on TV, in books you read, on the internet and in all other forms. Do not take your exposure to words lightly, whether they come from yourself or others.

Remember, "The pen is mightier than the sword." What you or another says can kill.

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