Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"I Gotta Be Me"

When I was an working actor, I used a song entitled, "I Gotta Be Me" for many years to audition for musical theatre projects. I loved that song and singing it helped me get much theatre work.

At the beginning of this year, I was at Barnes & Noble Bookstore looking for a new daily journal for 2017. Within minutes, I came upon a journal on whose cover was printed, in bold letters, "I Gotta Be Me...a journal to document who I truly am in my heart of hearts now that I'm well on my way to releasing the shame-inducing shackles of others' unevolved molds and expectations, which isn't so easy with families who think they know best and a world that squishes us into the same little school chairs, but one of the glories of adulthood, real or impending, is differentiating between who we "should" be and who we actually are, whether that means excavating an inner child, wearing purple, piercing something, or putting the "me" in "memoir" (tell-all of course)." Whoa! Singing "I Gotta Be Me" all those years really worked as I saw this as the Universe's way of re-affirming what I had been unconsciously affirming.

Unwittingly, I have been exclaiming this mantra to the world and myself for a long time and it seems that, in this lifetime, I have listened to and continue to listen to and actualize this song that I sang with such impassioned fervor. I had to find who I really am and I did.

On today's journal page, what is written is, "For unlike my mother, I did not believe I could be anything I wanted to be. I could only be me." Amy Tan

In looking over my life, I realize that I have always been me and I am glad for what it cost me,  I am glad for what it gave me.

I pass this on to you and encourage you to be unafraid to be who you truly are.

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