Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Come From The Stars, I Am Not Human

I am a Starseed Lightworker who has come from the stars to assist in Gaia's evolution to a higher vibratory reality. I am not human in origin as many on the planet are.  How can I make this assertion and what criteria is it based on?

All of my life, since birth, I have related to these signature signs below that I ignored at first but since they continued to pervade my every day reality, I began to research and verify them.

The first sense that I had was a sense of not fitting in. I was engaged with human circles and enjoyed popularity but often remained on the periphery, not as an outsider but as an observer, looking in from the outside.  Secondly, I always had a feeling that I will call a longing for home and being confused as to why here did not feel like home. It especially happened when I was a child and I'd be in the back of my family's car as my father drove us home from an event in the darkness of Brooklyn and I'd see neon signs that were a whitish blue color. That color did something to me. It made me feel safe. Third, in all my relationships, I have always been a giver. My attitude is to be in service. Fourth, I have always had a sense that I was on a mission. In my younger adult years, I was always asking myself what my "mission" on Earth was for some reason. I did discover it. Fifth, I was, as a young adult, naturally drawn to meditation, yoga, sound healing, chanting, psychic phenomenon, channeling, drumming, holistic therapies and esoteric theology like Kabbalah. Sixth, I have unusual eyes. They are large and penetrating. Lastly, I have strong feminine energy while still being very male, meaning, my energy has nothing to do with gender or sexuality. I am what is called an ultra-sensitive hyperempath.

The above traits are very real and I attest to living all of them. As I became more aware of my characteristics as a Starseed Lightworker, I came to accept who and what I am. It took me a while to come to terms with my true nature. Now, I am not afraid to communicate that the ET's that humanity is so in fear of have been amongst you for years and you didn't even know it!!! It was me and you ignored me. The ET's amongst you are not all little grey people but Starseed Lightworkers like me, not human, but in human format, here on Earth assisting in your evolution.

There are many of us here. We bring peace. We are not here to steal your souls. We are here to help you grow out of your penchant for world-wide bellicosity. All we are asking is to give peace a chance.

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