Friday, January 27, 2017

I Am A Free Spirit

I am what is generally referred to as a "free Spirit." What lies behind the meaning of being a "free Spirit"? From my experience, it means I am not tethered to this reality we call the 3D Matrix. I am not beholden to this Matrix, this Earth mind reality, I am not its slave, I am not in its prison. I create and shape this reality with my implicit intent. I move the Matrix. I am not in the consensus trance of this Matrix, I am free from it, outside of it and I know it and it knows it.

The Matrix tried hard over time to figure me out, to demean me, to dismiss me, to underappreciate me, to ignore me. It failed. I prevailed and the Matrix is going down. You cannot destroy or harm what is real, you cannot imprison what is free Spirit.

My Spirit is beyond the pale of this three-dimensional mind construct known as a Matrix and that is the true meaning of my freedom. I am in this Matrix but I am not of it. How I know this is that I am not longer strangled by my lower ego's need for validation. I am friends with my ego but I am now the parent. I am intimately aware of the difference between my human and my soul. My soul is the boss, the leader, the driver of this bus and because I am not enslaved by my ego, I am free to create the life of my dreams and I have and I have people around me who can attest to this.

May I suggest that you look into freeing your Spirit if you have not already done so! The first act of becoming free is realizing that you have been controlled by your lower ego by your attachment to your self-importance, your attachment to your personal history and your lack of humility. These are the lower ego's instruments of enslaving you to the notion that your persona/psyche/ego is all you are. That's a falsehood as you are Spirit having a physical expression. Your true nature is beyond time and space and recognizing this fact will set you free.

Try it, you'll like it!!!

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