Monday, January 16, 2017

How Will Humanity Mature?

How will humanity recover from it's bellicosity; move away from war, greed, anger, hate, judgement, intolerance and bigotry? In my experience, humanity will mature when it realizes it's higher perspective through soul realization. This higher perspective shows us the real reasons why things are happening in our world and not the illusory ego-based reasons that most latch onto as the promise of their destiny.

When we see life through our soul perspective, a higher perspective, we see life through the lens of Spirit and become aware of the wisdom behind events that seem to fill us with fear and angst. For example, we live in challenging times where we have been presented with a "wild card" leader in Mr. Donald Trump who has made many feel very fearful and filled with angst. That fear is on a lower, ego-based perception. The soul-based perception shows us that Mr Trump's election is about moving out of the old energy structure of how things operated into new structures where things will be better. I am not saying this because I voted for Mr. Trump, I did not. I am bringing this forth as a sign of my soul connection and what was presented to me as the reality of the changes we are facing and they are good changes. This is not about labeling anyone good or bad. This is the soul perspective that good change is on the horizon.

Humanity is in the process of major maturation. Things have been shaken up to assist humanity in becoming empowered. Do not see these current times with fear. Change your perspective to a soul-based understanding that we are moving out of old energy paradigms that no longer work for us. It will be rocky but it is meant for the better. This is what my soul speaks. I believe my soul, not CNN!

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